Well, here I am again.

It has been so long since I did this. I had thought I would be able to keep at it, but apparently, I was stuck in reality.

What I meant by stuck in reality is really just that I don't have the time or the patience to even begin typing. Now, that I finally be able to have time on to do this, I have to be diligent in at least trying to start.

How long has it been? A very long time I suppose. I had a good few years. The ups, the downs. Just like many others here. There's no reason to complain. Or is there? Well, I'm sure, most of the readers out there are complaining either on the smallest of mistakes or the most obnoxious of people. In any case, it's still complaints nonetheless.

Maybe I could start on how cool the iPhone 3G works. Just to get hits on my tiny area. Maybe I could complain about how the iPhone is NOT selling here in my country. Can't say it's NOT not selling though, because the gray market here is rampant with deals about the iPhone.

I still remember when the iPhone was announced last year in January. How the it has to go through authorization first before any sales were made. The world had literally stopped in it's tracks when Steve Job hails the device/gadget/most-wanted-item of the year/decade/century.

Then, June came. The iPhone was the absolute must have cell/mobile/pda/phone, if not for real, I'm sure most if not all were dreaming of having one. Then, it finally comes, the complaints. How expensive it was, why is it only hooked to ONE provider, what good is it for, when is there going to be a hack, where is the nearest dustbin so I could throw away my old phone.

Back then, I was a salesperson working at an Apple reseller here. The inquiries about the darn thing was ridiculous. Phones were off the hook, every single person that dropped by the shop just had to ask when is the iPhone coming to our shores. Don't even get me started on how far they are willing to go to get it.

Then, oh boy, then came the show off-y little whiners that could not get their iPhones working with their GSM cards. Quite literally, there was a line, and also quite literally, there was begging and even *gasp* bribery! These guys just wont quit. They just must have these little diamonds to work properly in order for them to be THE coolest bloke around town.

Of course, homebrew came along. It wasn't easy at first. Hours upon hours of tinkering and only finally, to be able to use a certain type of SIM card to flash the little gadget. But, as the days/weeks/months go by. The magic of homebrew brings us the ability to mind wipe the blasted thing in just about 2 minutes. Maybe less.

The magic of homebrew did not stop there. It has brought along many, many other useful functions. The ability to load and play games for instance. Not just any games, it's those games that were a big hit way back in the 80s. Just imagine, whipping out the iPhone to not only send a message, but to relive the old times that we had when we were little tykes. My hats off to you: the AMAZING people that has spend their precious time and money to bring us these AMAZING functionality.

Don't get me wrong. I wasn't being sarcastic. Bloody hell no. All that praise is for real. I really meant it.

But, as for any other fairy tale. It has come to an end. Well, maybe not. It's still a long ways to go for the little iPhone that could. I'm sure of it. Even if it is just a 3G upgrade.

I mean, my GOD! 3G! 15 secs of loading time! DAMN! That's bloody well faster than my Edgar... I mean EDGE. Okay, that was a tiny bit of sarcasm. I do admit though, it's pretty, how you say, bland. Now, before any of you iPhone/Mac/Apple/Unix Fanatics/Fanboys/Lovers/Shareholders/Users/Students/Workers/CEOs wants to do a rebuttal. Go to www.icanhascheezburger.com for a laugh or two, cool down. Chillax. Guys, brothers, sisters, I am a Phone/Mac/Apple/Unix Fanatics/Fanboys/Lovers/Shareholders/Users/Students/Workers/CEOs too! I bloody well worked in a bloody Apple reseller store!

The iPhone rocks! Yes! But, that was 2007. The good people of the world wants one that creates holographic images of Anne Hathaway. We want, or rather, I want an iPhone that could handle a Bluetooth connection, not just the ability to talk wirelessly. Come on man, Apple has made the Macbook Air! A fully functional sub (dimensional) Macbook that handles connections wirelessly! It does not have a bloody CD/DVD ROM/READER/PLAYER. It takes installations wirelessly through another Macbook/Macbook Pro/iMac/Mac Mini or even a Windows (Gah!! ACK!!) PC! I'd throw in a Mac Pro/Apple TV but they don't come with the wireless connections required as standard.

Just imagine man, the possibilities! Going out of the house, forgetting to download that homebrew updates, and then whipping out the iPhone, ZIP: Switch on connection channel, ADEE: Connect wirelessly to home pc, DOO: Upload the update, DAA: Install. All we have to do is sing "ZIPADEEDOODAA" for a few seconds and we're done!

Not only that, it would be fantastic if the iPhone would at least have the ability to do videocalls. People around the world are using iChat on their Mac computers to do video conferencing, why is it not available on the iPhone? Probably Apple would want to squeeze every penny from us, the consumers. Or possibly, Apple have better understanding on the market than we, ourselves do. Which is weird.

But, who am I to say such things? I am very sure that Steve Jobs have a great idea of what we want for ourselves. Either that, Apple has to make sure that their shareholders are happy.

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