Oh How Romantic Do I Feel...

I would hold you in my arms.
Hold you so tightly.
Feel the very breathe that you take.
Feel the very whisper of your lips.
Squeeze you tight so that I could feel you exhaling.
Feeling your heat warming my body.
Feel your heart beat faster and faster.
I would hear you taking deep, long breathes.
I would stare in your eyes.
Stare deep into your pools of reflection.
I would get forever lost in your eyes.
Those eyes that mirrors your soul.
I would watch you staring at me.
Those brown almond eyes.
I would sweep my lips on yours.
I would part your lips slowly with mine.
I would breathe in the breath that you take.
I would stay my sweeps longer and longer.
I would touch my lips slowly on yours.
I would slowly, sweetly kiss you.
I would lay my kisses in seconds, minutes.
I would press my lips on yours, ever so softly.

*sigh*.... That was what I had thought to do. When she left.

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