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Look at that picture. That's a good picture of me isn't it? Well, call me what you want but I still like it. Even though I have gained weight, I still look good. Heh.

Last Thursday, I fell asleep on my desk while drawing. I woke up at 0400hrs and had an immense ache on my spine. Seems that I must've slept too long. Either that, or I didn't stretch well enough. The backache lasted not too long, but long enough nonetheless. It made my trip to the washroom rather uncomfortable.

After a few sharp snaps later, my backache subsides. Although, the sharpness of pain still lingers whenever I turn my body, I still manage to relax afterwards. Waking up this early in the morning would do absolute destruction on my body clock. I can feel it's confused for being up and about. Nevertheless, I tried to watch the idiot box to kill time.

In about 5 minutes, boredom sets in. I cannot sit still, so I started to play around with the cats. I was wide awake and the cats were fast asleep. They played with me for a few minutes only to fall asleep again in two seconds. Being bored and unable to play. I decided to go back to my room and read a book.

I picked up a book titled Wheel of Time and started to read. It got my attention alright but my body just can't sit still. I kept tossing and turning. Sitting and lying. I even tried reading standing up. God! It sure is annoying knowing you have to put down a good book just because you can't get a good position. I put down the book and noted that I will continue reading it later. I got up from bed, combed my frazzled hair, took the car keys and off I went to God knows where.

I drove over to Bangsar. I have no idea why I wanted to go there. My instincts just brought me there. Ended up at a playground nearby Bangsar Shopping Centre. It's was already 0500hrs and I thought that I'm wasting my time going there. Not even close to 10 minutes I was already on my way home. I giggled and laughed on how idiotic my actions were. It really was rather stupid to go around town, wasting precious gas just to pass time. Well, at least I manage to kill time.

The minute I got home, I started to yawn. God! Not now! I'd thought that the nap I had was enough to last me the whole day. I tried to stay up as long as I could. But, I could not last past 0700hrs. Again, I fell asleep on the desk, writing a note on how to pick up chicks.

I woke up with a start. Luckily with no backaches. I saw what I wrote and immediately found faults. I mean, how could a guy get a girl if he tries too much? Sure, just being yourself works but how would you make her feel comfortable with you. Total strangers getting together at such a surprising moment would make matters rather awkward. Believe me, I've tried. One thing I've notice is that eye contact must be on the eyes, not anywhere near her bosom.

Confidence is another matter. If a guy exudes confidence, then no matter how he screws up, he won't lose much. Because, as far as I understand. Women, in general, feeds of confidences like leeches feeds on blood. The more confident you are, the more interested the women is. Although, this "confidant" material can be a double edge sword. Women would expect more out of you. Such as jumping off a cliff naked just to prove your love to her. Of course, in that option it was only a joke. But, jokes aside, women do want men to protect and to serve. Much like the police that we have here. (That was satire if you didn't notice. Ed.)

Just how in God's name do you protect and serve? Well, I may be experienced in this matter but what I may say or do might be the total opposite of what she wants. Every women is different and there's absolutely no way comparing them. Even if they want to be compared, don't! You can imagine in your dreams all you want, but do not ever let her know. Well, again, I digress. Anyway, in protecting her, you should be able to at least foot the bill. Monetary problems can be a pain but if she views you as someone that can take care of her. Just don't show her your bank slip.

In another view, being all muscle and no brain can be an issue. Being all knowing and no brawn is an absolute bore. Mix and match a little. It doesn't hurt to actually better your image. Well, in men, we all should know that we're lazy and women should choose us because of who we are. True, women want truth and the ability to understand how their men work and breathe. But, on the other hand, it is absolutely boring. I mean, what can you do if you are married to the same person for years? Would there be any other means to spark the fire? (Light a match! Ed.)

Again, I seem to steer away. All in all, we should at least start a little something. Well, anything for that matter. I've seen men going to parks and libraries to score a date. An alternative that should've been done a long time ago. Clubs and discos are still a crowd favorite. Just watch your back and play it safe, nobody wants to end up with someone they don't want to end up with. Places like food courts, restaurants, shopping malls are rather, how you say it? Open. It's too risky to just walk up to some girl and introduce yourself. Besides, most of the time, they're with someone else.

I would like to elaborate more on the eye contact. Because, you have to look at places she wouldn't even dream you would look. Like her ears for instance. That would catch her off guard and you'll have the upper hand. Until she starts to complement your observation method, you would have a tiny sliver of a chance more than you just started. Just don't start saying thing like how crooked her teeth are or how large her nostrils flares. Complementing eyes can be rather cliché but, it sure as Hell works. There are numerous ways to complement her eyes. How bright it is, the shape, color. Just don't go ballistic on the subject.

Subtlety. Dear God! I can't emphasize enough on this subject! We men always prefer the blunt approach like quick hand signals and loud grunts. Hell, we even applaud on other men getting kicked in the groin! Unlike women. There are always riddles with women. The way they talk, walk, sway, signals. You'd think they're from another planet. Well, I have to say one thing. They're not. Women uses what men takes for granted. The art of human conversation.

How could anyone interpret that? Well, be friends with another woman and she'll tell you. Provided that she's willing to. All in all, we shouldn't try so hard. No one is perfect, and so there would be a kink somewhere in this women's armor. Problem is, where is that kink? Hell, if I know! (It's right above the belt of chastity! Ed.)

Okay, I guess I've given off my 2 cents worth. I'm not done as far as scoring a chick is concerned but I don't think anyone would read up this far. If, and only if, my views sounds interesting. Please do contact me or reply a message. The more I get, the more I could write up. It takes motivation to rounds things out. Especially when one needs to find advice.

Azarul Carlyle Einhander


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Sui Generis said...

Azarul -to think that I'd never hear from you again. Thought you're into arts? how come u're in marketing eh? incognitomy - rings a bell? PJ...art exhibition in concorde shah alam... 5-6 years back :)
hit me back!!look for me in myspace and think u'd remember me.