Woah, after years of being nagged for blogging by colleagues, close friends, relatives and even enemies. I've finally... Finally did a blog.
I've always wondered on what to actually blog about. So, basically... I'm a newbie. Hopefully, someone would help me out in terms of blogging in this spot.
Anyway, seeming it's a Monday, and a first week of July. I really ponder on how time flies by. It sure is fast. Maybe I should start by telling people what I mean by 7sticks.
Simple enough. 7sticks means the seven cigarette sticks in my little leather case. Accompanied by a black metallic finish zippo.
How does this relate to my blogging. Well, it's just is. I just pop a stick, lit it up and presto! Ideas come gushing in like frantic white water rapids.
What else?
Who am I?
Where I work?
What I do for fun?
It seems that there is so much to write, but when it comes down to it. It just dissipates. Like sugar disolving in coffee. So, when I do have more to share. Or maybe some little dark secrets. Or just some clear, typical, goody-two-shoes blogging. I'm sure that I can always come back here.


Jeyadev said...

woo hoo! first comment! muahahahahaha

7sticks said...

Jeez. Barely a day passes and I got this.